Hi - It's been a while, but I have been working on things, painting and drawing, I've got a big personal project I'm working on, but that isn't nearly ready to share yet.  However, I can share the other project I've been working on since the autumn.  I remind you of th...

I took some photos of the banners the other day - these were installed in January to complement and highlight the utility box wrap, which by the way, was revealed a year ago!  

There are three banners, double sided, all the same.  The banners show images of Roberston "G...

Well, hello and happy new year! 

You will remember the strawberry patterned utility box wrap design I did for the Mississauga Arts Council's Banners and Boxes Neighbourhood Identity Project, the reveal for which was in September.  Part 2 of that project is the design fo...

Today my posts take a break from colour symbolism to share a project I have recently worked on.  A while ago at a show I was asked if I would be interested in a project the Mississauga Arts Council, City of Mississauga, and other sponsors were working on, to 'wrap' (ex...

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