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Tips for displaying Art: Location

Where can art be displayed? Pretty much anywhere. Living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, reception areas, offices, restaurants... Prints are a great choice if the original is out of your budget, too big for the available space, or at higher risk of damage – for example, a print may be a better choice in a bathroom, where humidity may be a concern.

Art can be displayed in a grouping, or one piece can be the focal point in the space. It can not only brighten the room and create conversation, but can also brighten your mood. Consider working with a list of local artists if you are a real estate agent, home stager, or interior designer. If you're looking for art for a corporate or commercial space, consider these options.

1 - Buying: Any local artist would be happy if you bought from them! Again, ask about prints if originals are not in the budget.

2 - Renting: This enables you to either change the work occasionally, or try out a piece before buying.

3 - Guest Artists: If spending money isn't in the company budget, invite a local artist to display a few pieces (measure your space and decide what you have room for ahead of time), for a couple of months at a time. This allows you to support your local arts community, gives the artists exposure, and doesn't cost either party any money.

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