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Artist Statement

My approach combines curiosity and a love of colour and texture, with inspiration from natural imagery, such as trees, flora, and most notably butterflies - I made a series of acrylic paintings which are based on the markings of a type of butterfly, taking the true to life colours, and altering the marks and patterns to compose the piece.  My most recent paintings and works in progress are largely botanical – florals and trees. As with the butterflies, colour and pattern are central, and I work from collected inspiration materials, gardens, and my vacation photographs.  My textile art Psyche series is also butterfly inspired - free-motion embroidery pieces, each a different butterfly, pinned and framed in specimen boxes much like real insect specimens are in natural history collections.  This work expands on the themes of natural imagery, and of personal sadness, loss, and hope. Combined, these collections contrast two ways of looking at these insects - a representational, natural history inspired look, and an abstracted study of their patterning and colours.

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