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New Book! Drawn In

Postcard with details of the author's new book and a cover image.

Drawn In: An Illustrated Garden Tour is the first book for Mississauga visual artist Alison Syer. Born into a family of English gardeners, Alison developed a love of gardens and nature early on. Her sensitive botanical-style illustrations reflect this English aesthetic, blending it with a modern appreciation for Canadian native plants – some of which are included in her garden.

Drawn In highlights the author's own illustrations, accompanied by personal stories and observations. It explores universal themes of family, nature, and food, through a deeply personal lens, telling the story of her own garden. Pause and engage all your senses in the garden experience – observing colours and textures, noting sounds and scents, tasting homegrown produce and more. Drawn In emphasizes the value of gardening, and of art, and the role they play in conservation. It illustrates the diversity of plant varieties, and how a garden can in itself be a habitat for wildlife – and a sanctuary for its owner. 

Drawn In is available online through FriesenPress HERE. It's also on Amazon.

I've also got copies I'm bringing with me to some local events, so be sure to look for those, my

launch events are below as is the link to my events page.

This project is supported by the Mississauga Arts Council through a Matchmaker Microgrant.

Drawn In is a new release for spring 2022.


Launch Events:

Listed below, also see my Upcoming Events page for more information

Arts on the Credit - April 23-24, 2022

Visual Arts Mississauga - Members Appreciation evening, author chat and book launch, June 7th, 2022

Lakeview Farmers Market - Artisan booth, July 3rd, 2022

Headshot photo of the author in a garden.
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