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Supporting Artist friends

You probably have at least one friend who is an artist. Maybe you already own one or more of their pieces, and sometimes buy from them to give pieces as gifts. Alternately, you would like to, but can't afford it. Or, their work isn't to your taste. That's okay! There are lots of ways you can support your friend. - Offer to help them set up or take down, or staff their booth, at shows. They might pay you, or at least feed you, for your effort. - Come to their shows! They really appreciate the support. Of course, they also understand you can't possibly do everything, and won't be able to come to every show. Maybe you don't really even like or "get" art, or you hate shopping, or crowds, but if you can show up once a year or so, that's awesome. Bonus if you are able to come to a big or new show, or when they have new work.

- Share! You know your friend is an artist, and your friend knows you care about them. Maybe you have other commitments or live to far away to get to their event? Help them by sharing their website, social media links, show invitations, business cards, and telling people about their work (and where to find it). This helps a lot in getting the word out, and the work seen, by those outside their immediate circle.

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