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Announcement! - New Project Coming Soon

You can also see recent and upcoming posts about other things I'm working on.

Here's the big news at the moment - I am in the process of self-publishing a book!

It is an illustrated tour of my garden, full of drawings, descriptions and observations on the process of gardening and growing. The book shares a few tips and notes about what has been successful (and not so successful) in my garden, while highlighting the drawings. It encourages you to pause and engage all your senses in the garden experience – from observing colours and textures, to sounds, scents, tasting homegrown produce, and also how being in the garden makes you feel.

Stay tuned for more, like release date, how to get it, previews and so on & follow my Instagram too!

The second big piece of news about this project is that I have been awarded a Matchmaker Microgrant by the Mississauga Arts Council to assist me with financing!!


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