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Boxes and Banners

Today my posts take a break from colour symbolism to share a project I have recently worked on. A while ago at a show I was asked if I would be interested in a project the Mississauga Arts Council, City of Mississauga, and other sponsors were working on, to 'wrap' (existing) utility boxes, one in each Ward of the city I believe, using a vinyl wrap designed by an artist from that Ward using a combination of their own work, and historical photos from the public archives. As long as the theme related to the Ward, it was basically open for the artist to develop.

The reveal of my design was Sunday afternoon. In attendance, representatives from the Arts Council and the utilities company, our local Councillor, the printer who took my design from files to printed and installed forms, and of course some family and friends. Pop over to my Instagram (@eyespotdesigns) for more pictures to come.

My design is inspired by the women's land army, also called the "farmerettes", who helped with farming and food production in the absence of men during the wars. Apple orchards and strawberries were important crops in this area of Mississauga. Images are included of "farmerettes", farming at the Robertson (Gold Medal) farm, and the Clarkson rail station which would have transported these goods. Also shown is the Women's Institute's Strawberry Festival, benefiting the Dominion Orthopaedic Hospital at Christie Street, which treated veterans.

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