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Hello! I hope you’re all having a good summer. I'm working toward the Studio Tour in September - see the Events page for details -, so I'm sewing, and want to get to some painting soon as well. There's always a 'to do' list before a show, not just getting the display stuff organized, but planning what work in progress I want to prioritize and finish, so that it can be shown. I'm making some more silk pouches, I want to finish a couple of paintings, and thinking about other things to do if there's enough time between now and then.

Not surprisingly, I've also got personal projects I'm working on, including holiday photo books, a quilt (to be a gift once finally finished), and a tote bag (also to be a gift). I've managed to finish the photo books this weekend, and I'm part way through the tote bag. The quilt was started quite some time ago, and still has a lot to be done on it.

I've got a garden journal, which includes sketches and notes, and may in turn become a bigger project, but it's set aside while I work on the other projects.

Outside the studio, I'm also gardening. I plant veggies, trying a few different things each season. I plant tomatoes regularly, which I grew from seed this time. I've got radishes, beets, beans, peas, lettuce, strawberries, broccoli, squash, cucamelons (or mouse melons) and other things. I started peas this week, hopefully to get a crop in the fall. Not everything does well, as you might guess, but it's fun trying them. My Instagram feed (@eyespotdesigns) is full of garden pictures right now, but I'm trying to post some work in progress too.

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