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Workshop & New Work

I went to a great two day workshop recently, exploring landscape painting, using limited palettes, scraper tools, and other fun things. I'm not going to post the unfinished demo pieces I worked on, but I'm pretty pleased with the results.

After that, I also picked up a piece I had done an underpainting for a year or so ago, and finished it. It is the second I've done from photos of Cathedral Grove (Vancouver Island), but came out quite different! It was going to be bright and sunny like the first one, but it became a misty/foggy piece, which I like quite a lot. It is only known as 'Cathedral Grove, Fog' (2019) at the moment, which is a working title I think I will be able to improve upon. So, here it is - hope you like it too.

Update: I've given this one a title! It's now called "Out Of The Fog".

Out Of The Fog (Cathedral Grove), 2019

Acrylic on canvas board

16" x 20"

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